Walk Around Clay and Platte Counties
 The Senior Falls Prevention Coalition of Clay & Platte Counties encourages older adults 60+ to walk around their county!

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Your challenge: Walk! That's it! Walk, indoors or outdoors; keep track of your mileage or steps. Submit your progress monthly to a participating site and have your name entered in prize drawings. Walk as much as you can and keep on going!

You can download our flyer here: Walking distances and locations flyer.

The distance around Clay County is about 95 miles.

The distance around Platte County is about 100 miles.

Translate steps to miles using this general rule: about 2000 steps to a mile.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Fill out your registration form on line and email it back to us: Register to walk. You can also request a form by mail by calling our office: 816-455-4800.

2. Start walking, inside or outside, alone, with your spouse, your dog, or your friends! Enjoy yourself!

3. Download and keep track of your steps or miles with our handy logsheet.

4. Report your miles to us monthly in order to receive your certificate of accomplishment and have your name entered in our prize drawings.

5. Take a look at our Champion Walkers page where you'll see your name scrolling in stars with miles you have walked (rounded to the nearest group of 5 miles). 

No matter how many miles you walk, we encourage you to stay active! According to the International Council on Active Aging, "Active aging means living life as fully as possible. How well we age has much more to do with how well we function, and a lot less to do with the years."

Resources for Walkers